Rosedale Green Existing Building Renovation-0

Rosedale Green Existing Building Renovation

SERVICES:  Master Planning, Architecture & Interior Design

DESIGN: Rosedale Green embraced a grand undertaking by deciding to change its internal culture as well as physical environment from institutional care facility to a household model. They knew this change would give their residents more options, less stress and therefore heightens their quality of life.

The existing Rosedale Green building was phase one in their culture change to a household model. We worked with Rosedale Green to break up the institutional long hallway plan with large open spaces into eight personalized households.  Each household has a mix of private intimate spaces like dens and libraries as well as more public dining and living room areas.  All spaces were designed to provide the residents with more options as well as to create a warm residential, home environment. Private rooms were created with their own kitchenettes and bathrooms with showers. Staying in line with their not for profit philosophy Rosedale Green did not re-scope all of their resident rooms. More than half of the existing semi private rooms were kept, but they received a new decorative divider wall for more privacy as well as new finishes. This change allowed elders from varying economic back grounds to be welcome.